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Problem Statement/Scenario

Can somebody please help give me an idea of what a program might look like that would matche the pseodocode posted below? Any advice would be helpful. I have struggled to keep up in this class big time, so I could use some help creating this program. This is my final project assignment and I want to get the highest grade possible!

Thank you,

pseodocode below:

Problem Statement/Scenario: For this assignment we are to imagine that we are in charge of managing a zoo’s computer infrastructure, and we are being asked to make a monitoring program that will help zookeepers monitor the zoo animal activities and their living habitats.

My Pseudocode:

Invoke Method Main // Use the public static void main(String[]args)” to start execution of    program

INITIALIZE variables/options

Get User Input // Have user pick one of the following options

           1. Animal activities

           2. Animal living habitats

           3. Exit program

IF User Input = animalLivingHabitats 

           Print “List of Habitat/Animal options”

IF User Input = animalActivitees

           Print “List of Animals/Activities

ELSE User Input = exit



WHILE User Input = animalLivingHabitats

           Ask User Habitat specifics

                       DETAILS on penguin habitat 

DETAILS on bird house

                                   DETAILS on aquarium

// After user picks Habitat the following information will appear


           REPEAT // for each habitat selected

                       PRINT “Habitat: “

                       PRINT “Temperature: “

                       PRINT *****”Food source: “

                       PRINT “Cleanliness: “

           UNTIL condition

WHILE User Input = animalActivites

          Ask User Animal specifics

                       DETAILS on lions

                       DETAILS on tigers

                       DETAILS on bears

                       DETAILS on giraffes

                       // After user selects Animal/Activities the following information will appear


REPEAT // for each animal selected

           PRINT “Animal: “

           PRINT “Name: “

           PRINT “Age: “

           PRINT *****”Health concerns: “

           PRINT “Feeding schedule: “

UNTIL condition

IF animalAcitiities != Healthy/normal activity

           PRINT “Healthy/normal activity with error message” //On a new line

IF animalLivingHabitats != Healthy/normal habitat

           PRINT “Healthy/normal habitat with error message” //On a new line







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