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new arrival

Some modification:

On the home page can you replace the image with changing image check this link for idea (

On the navigation bar add an image of cart

Replace click to purchase with add to cart

When the customer clicks on ad to cart it will add the items on the cart

When the customer clicks on the cart it will show the items with proceed to checkout

When the customer clicks on proceed to checkout it will open a new window just like the one on the design with full name, email address, address and phone number remove the age.

 Put links on the images that take visitors to the items page. For example, if they click on a necklace on the “About Us” page they would be sent to the jewelry page.

Also on the navigation bar add ‘’ new arrival’’ when the customer clicks on that it will display a table something like this

Jewelry September 15 2017
Fabrics October 15 2017
Holidays special November 1502017
Christmas sale December 5 2017
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