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Training and Social Media

Here I am again, I appreciate all of your help. Hope all is well. Below is assignment 5. I have attached the rubric as well.

5-2 Written Assignment: Training and Social Media

You work in a medium-sized organization (200-300 people). You head a team that has been tasked with creating a training program for all employees on the usage of a new company-wide email program. A short memo to management describing how you intend to use a social media tool within your company to provide this training. Be sure to include the following in your memo:

  1. Which tool(s) you will use
  2. The reasons that you chose the tool(s)
  3. How you intend to use the tool(s)

For additional details, please refer to the Written Assignments Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.

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