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Ordering Secure Medical Prescription Essay.

Ordering Secure Medical Prescription Essay.

Medical prescription fraud and drug abuse remains a huge problem in the United States. According to a 2010 study, there were 7 million nonmedical users in the US that abused prescription drugs. Of the 7 million, 5.2 million were using painkillers. Of the people who said they got pain relievers from a relative or friend for free, 80.7 percent said the friend or relative got the drugs from just one doctor.In order to combat these statistics California passed a new law. In 2005, Senate Bill 734 was passed and requires the California Department of Justice to review applications from vendors seeking approval to produce controlled substance prescription forms. California replaced the triplicate prescription forms with new more tamper resistant prescription forms for all California doctors who prescribe schedule II through V controlled substances. The Bill made additional changes to increase overall security. Effective January 1, 2006, vendors seeking to become state-approved printers of controlled substances prescription forms must apply with the California Department of Justice using application forms on the Attorney General’s website. Previously, the California State Board of Pharmacy administered applications for security prescription vendors. Applicants generally are screened for prior criminal history and the adequacy of policies and procedures to ensure that prescription forms are only produced and distributed to appropriately licensed practitioners. All authorized security printers have a means for confirming the licensure and prescribing privileges for any person requesting controlled substance prescription forms.Ordering Secure Medical Prescription Essay.


The new medical forms and pads include a blend of advanced printing techniques and security features to prevent fraudulent tampering. The new latent void protection was implemented to help prevent photocopying and duplication of prescriptions. The prescription pads also contain chemical void protection technology that will help prevent alteration by chemical washing. This security feature provides distinct proof of any tampering caused by abrasion. Additionally, the Rx scripts are printed with a thermo-chromatic ink that is heat sensitive. This special ink allows for a quick authentication of the prescription with a simple touch of the hand or an expelled breath. Furthermore, an advanced print signature line exists on the prescription. While it may appear as though the line is solid, under a microscope the line shows small lettering in the form a phrase. California aims to make a positive impact with its new prescription pads. All of the security features were designed to discourage and prevent fraud. To order to new Rx pads security, California doctors will have to supply a prescriber’s state license number and a copy of the prescriber’s DEA Registration to an approved security prescription printers.Ordering Secure Medical Prescription Essay.


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