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Advanced Electronic Medical Records Essay.

Advanced Electronic Medical Records Essay.


A recent study by the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University shows that patients who are admitted to a hospital with advanced electronic medical record (EMR) system implemented, experience a 22% shorter length of stay and a 13% shorter treatment time than ERs with minimal or no EMR system. The study found that hospitals who have an advanced EMR system in place offer more efficient patient care overall.Advanced Electronic Medical Records Essay.


Advanced EMR vs. Minimal EMR


One reason for the increased efficiency of hospitals with advanced EMR systems is their amount of experience using an EMR system. Facilities with minimal EMR capabilities are just beginning to understand the process. A hospital with an advanced EMR system is more adept at operating the system and implementing it in patient care.Advanced Electronic Medical Records Essay.

Michael Furukawa, author of the study and an assistant professor at W.P. Carey, says that systems with minimal EMR are still using a combination of electronic and paper records even with experienced users, and are likely to “actually increase the time spent on a computer — a doctor might be looking for a paper chart containing one piece of information and logging on for another — so the process is not optimal,” he says. “People with a minimally functional system will never be as efficient.”

Furukawa says this study – in addition to a subsequent study that he and his colleagues recently published on the impact of EMRs on costs, nurse staffing levels and end results – recommends that hospitals that are in the process of implementing an EMR system should lower their expectations for the length of a patient’s hospital stay and treatment time. “If you’re going to take it slow as you move through the different stages of EMR implementation, you really need to temper expectations,” Furukawa stated.

Furukawa says he is confident that systems designed and implemented with the input and approval of physicians will enhance the quality and lower the costs associated with patient care. “If [administrators and physicians] can agree on the technology and how to use it, it can be successful.”Advanced Electronic Medical Records Essay.

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