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IT 328: Milestone Six Guidelines and Rubric Prompt:

I need help to make a list of stakeholder requirements.

  • Based on your stakeholder requirements list and the examples given in the module resources, use Microsoft Project 2013 to make a work breakdown structure.
  • Using Microsoft Project 2013, add a schedule of the tasks.

The scenario is : Operating System Upgrades Your company has decided to upgrade all the computers in the company to a newer version of the current operating system. This needs to be done with minimal interruptions to the day-to-day business. You have been assigned the project manager role for this project. You will be supporting this change for the sales and marketing division of the company. The division primarily uses three applications. One is a standard commercial application, while the other two are custom in-house applications. No one knows whether these three applications will work with the new operating system. The IT support group has provided you with information about the compatibilities of the two custom applications, and the manufacturer of the commercial application will provide information about its application and the new operating system. A process will need to be identified to ensure that all the current applications will work with the new operating system, and all the applications will need to be tested by the users. This process may be complicated due to the different nature of the applications in use. If a custom application does not work with the new operating system, the application developers need to have time to fix their application. Commercial applications must be checked to see whether they support the new operating system and whether there will be a fee to upgrade to the newest application that does work with the new operating system.

I have uploaded the example template as well as the rubric. PLEASE PLEASE follow the rubric.

If you need anything please contact me

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