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Internet Provider for Newton in The New York Office

Internet Provider for Newton in The New York Office

Internet Provider for Newton in The New York Office


An internet service provider to qualify to be chosen would have to satisfy the requirements and standards set by the customer. To establish its acceptability, the following considerations: speed, consistency, reliability, accessibility, and cost.

The key considerations that are made when choosing the internet service provider

  • Speed –Internet connectivity would require a good speed with which the connections occur so as to be relevant and useful. A lowspeed would limit the operations that would be carried out in an organization. Just as the broad name bandsuggests, there would be connectivity anticipated to very significant levels. 
  • Consistency – this is mostly regarding the speed that the ISP is operating at.  Lack of coherence would be when the connectivity is high at other times and very low at others. An organization would prefer a provider who is more consistent regardingspeed.
  • Reliability – the extent to which a provider is reliable would be measured regardinghow easyan organization is with using the ISP.  An ISP that is reliable would be required to have excellentservice, which would also have to be very consistent so that the customers can comfortably rely on it.
  • Accessibility – a good ISP is accessible for the client if they can get as much internet connection as they would require. For most service providers, they usually have quotas.  Having quotas that suit the requirements of an organization is very crucial.  Those that would be more appropriate would be those who often offer an unlimited package.
  • Cost- this is the amount that the organization is expected to pay to receive internet services. The cost is convenient when and if the price and the quality of the services received are consistent and compatible.

Comparison of internet service providers

The Windscreen and the Verizon are companies which provide internet services in New York. Regardingspeed, the Verizon company offers a speed of around 500Mbps. The services that are provided by the Verizon company are those of broadband communication, which is provided on either pre-paid or postpaid basis. Their communication network is wireless, thus can be used from any location. The internet they provide is usually through fiber optics.   The Windstreamcompany, on the other hand, offers internet connectivity at a speed of between 79 and 100 Mbps. The communication means being used is broadband communication, and their internet is provided through fiber optics. Evidently, theVerizon company is more preferable. The company or organization wouldrequire having a good internet connection to be able to create and maintain a good relationship with the variables in their external environment.  The external environment is usually very dynamic, and as a result, there are very many changes that are expected from the same.  To manage to keep up with these many changes, the internet connectivity speed needs to be good enough.  A high speed would ensure that the company cankeep up with the dynamics, making even its objectivity more concrete and easily achievable (Hackman, 2006).

Regardingsecurity, theWindstream company is still way below when compared to the Verizon corporation. This could be attributed to the fact that the Verizon company is spread over 98% over the population.  Being readily available, it provides a platform for many parties to access the systems which could even result in disadvantages of the same, such as cyber-crime. However, they still have the knowledge that they have a larger population.  In a bid to increase its reliability, the company has taken up the responsibility of ensuring that their security systems are well conversant with and have addressed the threats that could be associated with the same.  The organization would need the assurance that their data would remain safe and confidential.  This would enhance the strategy implementation for the company.  With security, the company can channel their efforts towards working more and achieving more rather than to efforts of securing whatever little they have. The company would, therefore, be way ahead (Stiller, Reichl & International Workshop on the Internet Charging and QoS Technologies, ICQT, 2006).

Regarding reliability, the Verizon company is more reliable. This is mostly relating to the fluctuation of their internet speed for the downloads.  The download speed fluctuates only to as low as 400 Mbps which is still good enough for use by the company, while for Windstream it goes to as low as 79 Mbps. Being more reliable means that the Verizon company would encourage the company to carry out more activities online, which is more efficient and effective because they would be aware that it is an option.  Having a reliable service provider would most definitely affect the performance of the company positively.

In light of the analysis of the two enterprises that havebeen identified as competing for internet service providers in New York, theWindstream, and the Verizon companies, the Verizon company is the one which comes out as a preferable one between the two. This company would be ideal to offer internet services. Due to the qualities it has, it would be very beneficial for the company’s operations and therefore in the long run even to its performance. There would be a perfect integration and incorporation of the different parties contributing to the success of the company (Worldwide Free Internet Service Providers – USA and Canada Free ISPs, 2001).

Additional configurations

For the software, the service provider has to ensure that the services being offered are accessible to the convenience of all the employees, most of whom are mobile employees. In respect to this, the providers will have to ensure that all the connections made are completely wireless for convenience purposes. Regarding the hardware, on the other hand, the company needs to make sure that all the users of their services can do so without hitches. The employees use different means to access the internet. Therefore, the company should ensure that all these devices at least one for each employee is registered and has been given access, through theuse of means such as the invention of passwords. As a result of this, the issue of security will have adequately been dealt with by the internet service providers (Garfinkel & Spafford, 2011).

Printer configurations

The different employees, who are positioned at various places in different times are expected to use more than one printer for their services. Therefore, having different printers, which would most likely be configured so that theyare programmed in such a manner that all the data they print gets to the main office, would require they be given a specific code and be connected to the internet, the Local Area Network for the company.


What would be more preferable is a broad bandwidth. This would be more appropriate because it gives access to the greater scope of information on the internet, thus fostering the growth and growth rates for the company.

With these configurations, it would be easier for the company to use them because despite the employees being at different locations, they can be able to access the wireless internet being provided for their company, provided they have access codes. This makes operations easier to coordinate despite working in a decentralized setting. For instance, they can have their meetings through teleconferencing.


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