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IT 315 Case Diagram Discussion Guidelines and Rubric Overview: Programming is often described as both an art and a science. Given that even the…

IT 315 Module Five Courses and Classes Records System:

Maintain Class Records Use Case Description and Class Diagram

This document contains the following models for the Courses and Classes records system:

  • Use case description for the Maintain Class records
  • Class diagram for the Courses and Classes records system

The following is the Maintain Class records use case description:

Use Case Name:Maintain Class Records ID: Importance Level:
Primary Actor:   Staff Member Use Case Type: Detail, Essential
Stakeholders and Interests: The staff member maintains (i.e., creates, reads, modifies, and deletes) class records for a given course.  
Brief Description: This CRUD (create, read, update, and delete) use case maintains the educational institution’s records of the classes it offers (for a given course). It provides the staff member actor with complete control over the creation, deletion, modification, and reading of class records for a given course.  
Trigger:    A staff member wanting to maintain the class records for a given course   Type:  
Relationships: Association with the staff member actor Include relationship to the login into the Courses and Classes Records use case  
Normal Flow of Events: The staff member enters the course whose classes are to be maintained.The system responds with a list of all classes (either online or face-to-face) for the entered course.The staff member then selects one of the classes and commands the system to perform one of the following operations on the selected class:Delete the selected class.Modify certain fields in the selected class.            Alternatively, the staff member actor can create a new class offering for the course, classify it as an online or face-to-face class, and then enter the required information for all kinds of classes and for each classification as follows:For all classes:Class begin date and class end dateFor online classes:Class URLClass browserFor face-to-face classes:Class buildingClass room

Alternate/Exceptional Flows:   Alternate Flows: Each one of the CRUD operations is considered an alternate flow through the use case.   Exceptional Flows: This is when the course entered does not exist in the system.  

The diagram on the page below is the class diagram for the Courses and Classes Records System:

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