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IT 145 Final Project Guidelines and Rubric Overview A successful career in software development depends on a thorough understanding of the..

***Psuedo Code of Authentication System ***

function AuthenticateUser()
Run FOR loop From Step 4 to 19
Ask the user for the UserName
Ask the user for the password
Call function ValidateCredential() pass UserName and Password as the parameter
IF the user is succesfully authenticated
Present the option for Log out and Exit the Application
Ask the user for the option
IF the user chooses log out option
DISPLAY “You have been logged out successfully” and Logged out the User and Go to Step 3

         DISPLAY "You have exited the application" and EXIT the application
    DISPLAY "Invalid password" AND increase Unsuccessful Attempt by 1 and DISPLAY the attempt to the user
    IF Unsuccessful Attempt is equal to 3 then EXIT the application

END function AuthenticateUser

function ValidateCredential()
Get the username
Get the password
Convert the password to the hash password using the MD5
Compare the username and the generated password with the username and password in the file “credential.txt”
IF username and password matched
fetch the role from the file and read the required file and DISPLAY the content of file
END function ValidateCredential

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