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Warm up: Online shopping cart (Java).

6.20.1 : Warm up: Online shopping cart (Java).

  • I need help to figure out this problem. This has me – Class definition
  • – Contains main() method

Build the ItemToPurchase class with the following specifications:

  • Private fields
  • String itemName – Initialized in default constructor to “none”
  • int itemPrice – Initialized in default constructor to 0
  • int itemQuantity – Initialized in default constructor to 0
  • Default constructor
  • Public member methods (mutators & accessors)
  • setName() & getName() (2 pts)
  • setPrice() & getPrice() (2 pts)
  • setQuantity() & getQuantity() (2 pts)

(2) In main(), prompt the user for two items and create two objects of the ItemToPurchase class. Before prompting for the second item, call scnr.nextLine(); to allow the user to input a new string. (2 pts)


Item 1

Enter the item name: Chocolate Chips

Enter the item price: 3

Enter the item quantity: 1

Item 2

Enter the item name: Bottled Water

Enter the item price: 1

Enter the item quantity: 10

(3) Add the costs of the two items together and output the total cost. (2 pts)



Chocolate Chips 1 @ $3 = $3

Bottled Water 10 @ $1 = $10

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