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information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Submit the assignment in APA format with proper citation and references 8 to 10 pages.

Provide polished assignment   include all the elements I, II, III, IV, V and VI. Section in the attached file  I, II and III was provided to help you finish the job.

A computer network is the foundation of every organization’s information technology (IT) infrastructure. Computing networks provide the backbone and framework for running business applications, sharing content, communication, and collaboration. In your assessment in this courseyou will take on the role of a junior network administrator, with responsibility for managing, supporting, and recommending networking solutions. Within this role, you will create a report for the senior administrators, based on the scenario provided in which the organization is looking to expand to a new location. While writing yourreportyou will apply networking concepts, fundamentals, and troubleshooting skills in developing recommendations to a real-world scenario. This report provides an opportunity for you to illustrate critical thinking in evaluating and solving networking business requirements that would assist in meeting organizational goals and objectives.

The Project in Context: Course Learning Objectives and the Newton Ad Agency: There are two key contexts that should help to guide your work in this project. The first is the function of this project in the organizational culture and business drivers of your imagined employer, Newton Ad Agency. Be sure to carefully review the scenario below to help you formulate your recommendations.

The second key context is your learning in the whole of this course. This project has been selected and developed in part because it allows youto directly address the following course outcomes:

  • Analyze standard network designs and infrastructures for informing optimal supportpractices
  • Explaintroubleshootingapproachestonetworkproblemsforinformingpotentialsolutionstonetworkerrorsandensuringrapidresolution
  • Explain network technology suggestions based on how they support business goals andobjectives
  • Apply networking concepts to real-world situations for informing management and upgradesuggestions

The Newton Ad Agency is an advertising firm with offices in Austin, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and New York City, New York. The offices in Austin include a headquarters and a satellite office located two miles away in a rural area.

The Austin headquarters is home to the executive team and 750 employees. The headquarters also stores the corporate data and is the corporate internet backbone. It hosts the IT department that centrally manages all LAN services, including the wireless LAN. The IT department also manages the wide area network (WAN) that connects all of the offices via site-to-site virtual private network (VPN) tunnels.

The Minneapolis and New York offices host about 200 employees each. Approximately 50% of these employees are mobile (i.e., travelling more than 80% of the time). The New York office focuses on producing and disseminating large advertising media content to clients. For this reason, the New York office hosts the corporate media and web servers. The rural satellite office in Austin focuses on billboard ad designs and is connected to the corporate WAN with a wireless point-to-point bridge to the Austin headquarters data center. The rural office is home to 100 employees.

To hire and retain the best talents, Newton Ad Agency allows employees to work from home. This removes the constraint that employees have to live within commuting distance from the firm’s offices. Remote and mobile employees are provided access to the corporate network via a VPN client. The VPN client requires employees to have access to reliable internet services to allow for effective collaboration across teams, and for access to media content. The company provides all employees with a laptop with full disk encryption, data loss prevention (DLP), and antivirus software. The IT department manages all corporate laptops and has the ability to log into all systems for support. This means that all laptops are centrally managed by the one IT department.

Final Project: New Location Network: You were hired as part of the Vision 2020 program and have been working at Newton for some time now. You have spent a considerable portion of your time troubleshooting and analyzing the organization’s computer network to keep it running smoothly. Your direct supervisor and lead network administrator have been very impressed with your skills and fast learning abilities. In order to determine if you are ready to take on more responsibility, you have been asked for your input in regard to the new office location setup project.

Newton is considering adding a new office and is exploring potential locations in Tacoma, Washington; Rochester, New York; or Fayetteville, North Carolina. Your task is to choose one. (THE NEW YORK OFFICE IS THE CHOICE).of the possible locations and deliver a report to the team with key considerations and recommendations for the setup of the network infrastructure at the new office. This office will be home to 50 employees, including the new executive vice president of sales and marketing. All the possible siteshaveofficeslocatedonthethirdfloorofanoffice buildingwithaccesstofiber,cable,andT1internetserviceproviders.Inadditiontothestandard

network, the site must support live video teleconferencing calls with employees based at the other sites, as well as reliably send print jobs to billboard printers located in the satellite office in Austin.


How would you approach setting up the network at the location you have selected? What considerations are key in informing the systems and resources necessary to meet the organization’s needs and support the business goals and objectives?

Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

  1. Introduction: Summarize the key considerations of the project, being sure to identify your chosen location. For example, what are the “must haves?” What are theconstraints?
  2. LANTopology
    1. Describe possible LAN topologies that could be used at the newlocation.
    1. ComparetheidentifiedLANtopologypossibilitiesbasedontheirrelativestrengthsandweaknessesinregardtosupportpractices.
    1. Based on your comparison, determine the appropriate LAN topology for this location to allow for optimal support practices. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
  3. InternetServiceProvider(Note:Thissectionisbasedonresearchinto actualprovidersattheofficelocationthatyouselect.)
    1. Explain key considerations for identifying an internet service provider for the newlocation.
    1. Compare at least two internet providers available in the location you have chosen in regard to speed, security, and reliability. Be sure to address how these specifics would impact business goals andobjectives.
    1. Based on your analysis, determine the appropriate internet provider for this location to meet the business goals and objectives. Be sure to explain yourreasoning.
  4. AdditionalConsiderations:Inthissection,youwilladdresstheaccompanyingconsiderationsforthenetworkbasedontheneedsofthenewoffice location.
    1. Makeappropriatehardwareandsoftwarerecommendationstomeettheneedsofthenewofficelocation.Besuretoexplainyourreasoning.
    1. Make appropriate printer configuration recommendations to meet the distance printing needs of the new office location. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
    1. Make appropriate bandwidth and device recommendations to meet the teleconferencing needs of the new office location. Be sure to explain your reasoning.
  5. PotentialErrors: Inthissection,youwilldiscusscommonnetwork errorsandhowyourrecommendationswillminimize andaddresstheseissues.
    1. Basedonyourpreviousrecommendations,describecommon networkerrorsthatthenewlocationmayencounter.
    1. Describe effective troubleshooting approaches to the errors youidentified.
    1. Explainhowtheapproachesyoudescribedwouldensurerapidresolutionoftheerrors.Besureyourresponseisspecifictothebusinesslocation.
  6. Conclusion:Summarizeyourrecommendationsforthenewlocation,beingsuretosupportyoursuggestionsusingnetworkingconcepts.


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