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Factors thata effect health and well-being Essay.

Factors thata effect health and well-being Essay.


Elizabeth could also ease the symptoms of her Ulcerative Colitis by drinking plenty of water. It will not only benefit the intestine but also help prevent kidney stones, which are common in Ulcerative Colitis. Not drinking enough water can be the main reason behind feeling constant fatigue or tiredness. Water is known to increase energy levels of the body. So, although Elizabeth has sleeping problems, her drinking plenty of water will be helping prevent her from feeling any more tired than she already is. Elizabeth’s concentration will also be improved because of her water intake.Factors thata effect health and well-being Essay.


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She will also gain more clarity in thinking. Research has shown that keeping body hydrated is necessary for best possible functioning of the brain. Elizabeth’s emotional and social needs will be met by being well hydrated because she will have more energy and will want to socialise more. She will also be healthier which will in turn make her a more happy person. Elizabeth will also be able to think more rationally and clearly about any problems and worries she may have, which will reduce stress levels and significantly reduce the chance of her becoming depressed.Factors thata effect health and well-being Essay.


Staying well hydrated can help fulfil Elizabeth’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs. Adequate Financial Resources Elizabeth has a stable job and a sufficient income. She has no financial worries and can afford to do buy things that will improve the lives of both her and her children. People who have adequate finances are generally in better health than those with a poor income. There are many reasons for this. One of which is because people who can afford to buy a variety of foods can choose to eat a healthy diet and are likely to be more physically healthy and less likely to be ill.Factors thata effect health and well-being Essay.

Also people with a stable financial income will be more likely to live in better areas, which will make it more likely for them to access better health care. It may also mean being able to afford to join health clubs or gym’s etc. Elizabeth does a variety of sport including swimming and going to the gym. If Elizabeth had a low income she would not be able to do as much sport, which would affect her physical health greatly. The intellectual benefits will be that they may be able to afford private education or live near good schools. Or in Elizabeth’s case it could mean being able to afford evening classes.

Elizabeth does attend a watercolour evening class once a week. Also if someone has a higher income they will perform better at work, which could result in a promotion, meaning an increased in income. Elizabeth has also benefited emotionally from a stable income. People who have no financial worries will be less stressed. This means they will less likely to become ill due to stress. It will also make them less likely to have mental health problems. Elizabeth is happy with her life and is under no stress. Elizabeth can afford things like holidays. This will give her something to look forward to.Factors thata effect health and well-being Essay.

Elizabeth is also looking to buy a new house and owns a car. This will give Elizabeth a sense of pride, that she has worked to buy the things she owns and can provide for her children. This will give Elizabeth a positive self- image and self- concept and will in turn give Elizabeth a high self- esteem. Elizabeth can afford to go places like the cinema. This means she is less likely to get bored and more likely to socialise and spend time with friends. Elizabeth will benefit physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially by having an adequate income. Stimulating Work, Education and Leisure Activity

Elizabeth has a stable job and takes part in many things that provide stimulation for her brain. Elizabeth is a full time nurse and has been for the past eleven years. Work can be stressful. However, Elizabeth does not feel under any stress. It is said that the more satisfaction a job gives someone the less stress a person will be under. So, Elizabeth might not feel stress from her job because she enjoys and feels comfortable with the job she does. Elizabeth’s physical health is positively affected by her work because she does not feel stressed over her job, making her less likely to become ill due to stress.

It could also make her less likely to develop mental health problems. Work can be stimulating. It allows a person to develop new skills and knowledge. Elizabeth will be learning new things on a regular basis. She may also go on regular training courses. Elizabeth will benefit emotionally form having a stable job because she will feel she is achieving something every day, which will give her confidence and self-esteem. Elizabeth’s days will also have a routine to them. This will benefit her because it will make her feel she does something with her day.

Elizabeth having a stable job will also make her feel she is being a good mother and role model to her children. Work also gives us a chance to socialise, giving us confidence and self-esteem. Elizabeth will also be providing stimulation for her brain by the leisure activities she takes part in. Mental stimulation improves brain function and protects against cognitive decline, as does physical exercise. Elizabeth regularly exercises. Exercise involves problem solving and quick thinking, two things Elizabeth needs to be able to do at work. Exercise also helps improve brain flow to the brain and improves overall functioning.

Meaning Elizabeth will be able to acquire and learn new skills easier and quicker which will improve Elizabeth’s intellectual development and help her achieve more in her life and at work. Exercise is also found to reduce stress and help aid feelings of depression. This will affect Elizabeth in every aspect of her life. Elizabeth will be physically benefited, as she will be less likely to become ill, as depression and stress can weaken the immune system. Elizabeth will also perform better at work as she will be happier and be able to think clearer, and she will be more alert and function better.

And, overall Elizabeth will be happier and she will be more likely to socialise, improving her emotional and social needs. We know that reading improves vocabulary and learning. However, it has also been shown to stimulate the brain and the creativity centers. Elizabeth could benefit physically from reading regularly because she will be more confident and have a positive self- esteem, making her less likely to develop feelings of depression or mental health problems, making it more likely for Elizabeth to exercise and eat a balanced diet and on the whole keep herself fit and healthy.

Elizabeth will also have a good self-concept and self- image and will be able to compare herself to others in a positive way and therefore will be more likely to socialise and feel happy about herself. This will benefit her socially and emotionally. Elizabeth’s intellectually needs will be benefited the most because reading improves vocabulary, language skills and grammar. Reading also stimulates the brain as when you read you try and visualise what you are reading. Reading has also been shown to improve memory. Elizabeth also does regular sudoku puzzles, which also improves brain function and memory.

Elizabeth will benefit physically similarly as she will from reading. However, sudoku puzzles have also been said to help cope with stress. Sudoku is said to help with memory and improve overall brain function. It could help Elizabeth perform better at work and in exercise and help her pick up new skills quicker. The benefits to Elizabeth’s emotional and social needs will be similar to reading. She will be more confident, have a positive self- concept and high self- esteem and will, therefore, be more likely to socialise.

So Elizabeth will be positively affected physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially from the leisure activities she does. Elizabeth attends a watercolour painting class once a week. The physical benefits to painting are similar to reading and sudoku as it could help prevent depression and be a way to cope with stress, but painting can also help with arthritis. Elizabeth does not have arthritis, but it could help prevent her from developing it. Elizabeth will benefit intellectually similarly as she will from sudoku.

However, with painting Elizabeth is learning a new skill and will be constantly learning new techniques and improving. This will improve Elizabeth’s confidence and improve her self- esteem, making her more likely to socialise and less likely to suffer from depression and mental health problems as painting can be a way of expressing emotions. Overall, Elizabeth will benefit in every aspect of her life from the work, leisure and education activities she does. On the whole Elizabeth will benefit physically, intellectually, emotionally and socially from the positive factors in her life.Factors thata effect health and well-being Essay.

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