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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay.


Children who have ADHD have a disorder that means that they may have problems paying attention or sitting till in their class. The kids with ADHD do things without thinking about them first. On average, 8-10% of kids have ADHD. That means out of 100 kids, 8 to 10 of them may have ADHD. So if your school has 300 kids, 24 to 30 of them may have ADHD. Kids who have ADHD usually start having problems in preschool. Boys have ADHD more often than girls. In fact, three times as many boys have ADHD, but no one knows why.

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A kid might have a greater chance of developing ADHD if one of his or her relatives already has ADHD or another type of behaviour problem. But no one is sure why anyone has ADHD, although scientists and doctors think that it probably has to do with differences in the way people’s brains work. No one gets ADHD on purpose, so it isn’t ever anyone’s fault. And ADHD isn’t contagious – you can’t catch it from someone like the flu. Kids with ADHD need more than just medicine. They also need help to change the way they act. They do this by relaxation therapies or behavioural therapy.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay.


In relaxation therapy, counsellors teach how to relax and stay calm by doing deep-breathing exercises and relaxing different groups. Behavioural therapy helps the child by teaching them to set goals for themselves and using rewards to help them reach those goals. For example, the teacher at my work placement gave Luke a reward for sitting still in the class and not distracting anyone in the class. Luke’s physical needs are met at the placement as they provide Luke with warmth. They provide warmth for the children as they turn the radiators on when it is winter time.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay.

They also let the children play inside at lunchtime when it is wet play meaning that it is really cold or raining outside to prevent the children from getting a cold or an illness. The also protect Luke and the other children as they have CCTV cameras all around the school. They also have a log book which visitors can fill in when they come into the school so the school knows how who has visited the school, what day and the time they arrived and what time they left. They also have a metal fencing around the whole school so no one can jump in without any one knowing about them.

Also at the end of the day they don’t let the children out unless their parents come to collect them. If someone else has come to collect a child they will need permission from the parent allowing them to collect the child. I have been informed that Luke has ADHD when I asked the classroom teacher. Future The placement that I visited provides both of my clients with the requirements that they need to overcome their problems but this may not happen when they move on to secondary school or even college. When my clients are older they may not have the same needs that I have described above.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay.

Lucy will overcome her need of English as an Additional Language as she will get used to English as she will be hearing it everywhere she goes since she lives in the country where English is the main language. But if this need of Lucy doesn’t disappear then she may face some supplementary problems. She may have the same problems that she faces at primary school. She may be bullied at school by other children, as when children grow up they start to learn and understand things more better and they will treat her differently due to her not being able to speak English.

This could also affect her chances of getting a job and could also affect her social life as no one will want to be friends with her as she can’t speak or understand anything. It will stop them from communicating and interacting with each other at school or even in the work place. They won’t be able to ask for help as they can’t speak English and this may affect their self concept as she will need constant help from people and not allowing you to be independent.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Essay.

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