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Education and Health Essay.

Education and Health Essay.


This article supports a theory that explains surveying. In this paper we will discuss about the surveying. “What is Building surveying, need of Building surveying, importance of Building surveying, tools used in Building surveying, and the career opportunities in Building surveying”, all these point are covered in this paper. A new profession emerged within surveying during 1970s known as Building surveying, however since that time there has been little awareness of Building Surveying in the world. At that time other built environment and property professions such as Architecture and Quantity Surveying are more widely recognized.Education and Health Essay.

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Building Surveying is one of the widest areas of surveying practice. The areas of surveying are basically about people, politics and places. In this paper we will discuss the about Building surveying, its importance, needs for Building surveying, importance of Building surveyor, Career opportunities in Building surveying. If we want to know the about the importance of the Building Surveying then first we will have to know about the Building Surveying. Building Surveying is the geometric measurement of the building in plan, section and elevation. Cutting edge equipments are used to perform a wide variety of measurement surveys.Education and Health Essay.


Robotic laser instruments are used to electronically observation and digitally recording of the surveys. Distances are electronically measured with light beams. Position is fixed with the help of a technology known as satellite positioning technology (GPS). Construction machines can be automatically guided by satellites and laser beams. We use Laser scanners for obtaining ‘clouds’ of points to create digital 3-D models of our environment for planning and development purposes. (Adams) Use of the Computer-aided tacheometry and photogrammetry increases day by day for surveying building geometry.Education and Health Essay.

Manual methods such as tape, measuring-stick or laser-distance meter are also used for buildings. Complex geometries (such as a column capital or gothic window) are difficult to integrate in computer-aided surveying systems. A geometric survey can also done using geodetic or photogrammetric measurement systems. A degree of technical knowledge is necessary for building surveying. The integration of new technologies such as photogrammetry and tacheometry compensates the main weaknesses of traditional surveying. Building Pathology is core to all Building Surveying work.

It is essential for Building surveying that all candidates have an understanding of defects analysis. In Building Surveying it is expected from candidate that he have an in-depth knowledge of the range of defects found in typical buildings in their locality, as well as an understanding of defects that they may come across more infrequently. Strong technical skills, strong people skills and the highest levels of integrity are required in a Chartered building surveyor. Every surveyor wants to achieve chartered status because it enhances professional status. Surveyors play a major role in land development.Education and Health Essay.

Actually these surveyors are technically minded, developed and has high professional skills. They have adequate knowledge to fulfill client needs and to keep pace with the changing market. Some surveyors work with mining companies on exploration, mining development and subsequent mining operations. Other surveyors who are specialize in hydrographical surveys work with automated positioning and sounding equipment on survey ships to map the ocean floor. Building surveyors also work in most real estate markets including residential, commercial, retail, industrial, leisure, education and health.Education and Health Essay.

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