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Utility Value of Telehealth in the Chosen Healthcare Sector Essay.

Utility Value of Telehealth in the Chosen Healthcare Sector Essay.


It can be assumed that the increasing usage of digital communication gadgets like laptops, digicams, video recorders, mobile phones, electronic screens etc. will only facilitate better operations in telehealth field. Internet alone provides several web-based applications for communication, such as multimedia-enabled instant messaging system, discussion boards, group discussion forum, SMS to mobile system, and Email, where each of them can be exploited to meet specific client, practitioner, and stakeholder needs.Utility Value of Telehealth in the Chosen Healthcare Sector Essay.


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However, adopting online practice requires attaining several steps and thus this study breaks down the interim period (2010 to 2015) into three phases. First phase (2010-2011) This will be the period of conceptualization and preparation of the new projects, which will prioritize survey, research, and development. Thus this phase would start with evidence-based feasibility study that would quantify the prospect of telehealth and E-learning projects. Budgeting, Web site planning, and initial staff-training are the tasks that would be completed within the first half of this phase and the web site would be up and running by mid 2011.Utility Value of Telehealth in the Chosen Healthcare Sector Essay.


The remaining period would be utilized on formulating the marketing strategy, branding, and creating mailing lists. Second phase (2012-2013) The company would begin its online venture with what they are currently expert at, i. e. , providing healthcare solutions in the areas like PTSD, chronic pain, depression or stress, etc. , because some success is required before ramification of services. For that matter company would focus on pooling its traditional clientele in online environment by providing more services to them at less cost. This would generate a WOM (word-of-mouth) effect, which is essential in this sphere of business.

It is around this time the research wing on education service will be incorporated. Third Phase (2014-2015) The business on the chosen healthcare niche is expected to become stable by 2013, and the possible design and strategy on the new venture like online education and research service would be launched by 2014. By the early period of 2014, the organization will be different than today on several accounts, such as providing online solutions instead of in-person solution, attending more patients in less time, dealing with global clientele, providing knowledge solutions, and using electronic money transfer system.

It is expected that the company would be able to provide at least the following services to the global audience around mid-2015: According to Sjolund et al. (2009), most of the at-risk individuals exposed to various forms of trauma require constant care, which is a costly affair under traditional settings. He also observed that even after breaking various barriers (e. g. cultural, logistical and psychological), the patients often do not get state-of-the-art, evidence-based treatments, whereas telehealth can eliminate such lack of accessibility (p. 691).

Other researchers opine that telehealth may help to redress stigmatizing, the prime barrier to obtaining care, since it can afford to focus on the training aspects more than the therapeutic ones (Lange et al. , 2003; Litz et al. , 2004). For example, it could train the patients on how to manage anxiety triggers and play an important role in reintroducing them in the community, which has already been proved through randomized controlled trial of an internet-based treatment for PTSD conducted by Knaevelsrud (Knaevelsrud and Maercker, 2007).

He studied a mixed sample of 96 participants who had experienced traumatic events, before finding telehealth system as highly instrumental in bringing significant and enduring improvements in post-traumatic stress symptoms, anxiety and depressed mood. Alongside, the level of self-efficacy was also found increased to a considerable level (Knaevelsrud  et al. , 2007).Utility Value of Telehealth in the Chosen Healthcare Sector Essay.

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