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The Caraway Seed Company

Related to Checkpoint​ 3.2) ​ (Working with the balance​ sheet)  The Caraway Seed Company grows heirloom tomatoes and sells their seeds. The heirloom tomato plants are preferred by many growers for their superior flavor. At the end of the most recent year the firm had current assets of $ 51 comma 700

$51,700​, net fixed assets of $ 249 comma 100

$249,100​, current liabilities of $ 28 comma 100

$28,100​, and​ long-term debt of $ 98 comma 000


a.  Calculate​ Caraway’s stockholders’ equity.

b. What is the​ firm’s net working​ capital?

c.  If​ Caraway’s current liabilities consist of $ 18 comma 500

$18,500 in accounts payable and $ 9 comma 600

$9,600 in​ short-term debt​ (notes payable), what is the​ firm’s net working​ capital?

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