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Simple Healthcare Systems Report Essay.

Simple Healthcare Systems Report Essay.


Healthcare information systems are used to solve a myriad of activities. There are various processes that need to be undertaken and therefore need automation. There are complex and simple information systems that are used to undertake these processes. Some of the simple systems that are found include systems that are used to monitor the number of employees who attended a meeting. Another example of a simple information system that is used in general includes a system that is used to get the arrival and departure time of employees in an organization. The third simple system is that one which is used to store the stock of a given sector or for a given project.
There are also simple systems that are used to manage the processes of healthcare


. There are complex and simple systems. Simple systems in healthcare include the systems which are used to record the duration that a patient takes in the hospital. These systems can have the bill that has been accrued for the period that the patient stays. Another system is that of tracking the patients that have been admitted for a particular ailment. The third simple system can be that of tracking the allocation of patients to the various nurses and doctors.
For the system that are used to record the duration of a patient, the input will include the daily bill and the medication that is being administered. The output will include the medication that they have taken and the bill that they are required to pay. The system that is used for monitoring the ailment that patients get treated for has inputs like the different diseases and ailments that are handled in the organization. It will also include the doctors and the nurses which are allocated for a given disease or ailment. The output is the number of patients and the extent of their ailments. The inputs for the system that is used to track the various doctors and nurses in a given facility include the various medical personnel and their job groups. The output includes the number of doctors and the various professions and fields that can be handled in the hospital.

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