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Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay.

Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay.


There are many conditions that individuals suffer from, and are not aware of the symptoms to seek medical attention. Marla a 42 year old Hispanic female came to the mental health clinic complaining about several different symptoms she is experiencing. Marla is an accountant, and being able to properly function every day is critical for her career and personal life, however, the symptoms are causing problems for her at work, and seeking advice is her focus, for a healthier lifestyle.

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In order for proper diagnosis and treatment options to be available for Marla, a clinical assessment must be established, in which, a series of questions will be asked, about her childhood, past experiences, and present environment. Marla has stated she is feeling “jumpy all of the time”, has trouble sleeping, and experiencing an inability to concentrate. Her lifestyle has taken a turn, in which she is seeking help for. I wanted to focus on her childhood, or past experiences she had. I asked Marla; explain to me your home environment, based on her earliest memory?Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay.


According to Marla, she was raised in a single family home, and her mother was verbally abusive, she than added, when she turned 10 years old, she remembered her mother having several boyfriends over at night. Her mother never hugged, or kissed her as a child, and from what Marla could remember, she sadly stated she never heard the words “I love you” from her mother. Marla described her mother as being very cold, not caring, but always yelling at her about various different things, that Marla could not even understand.Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay.

Marla then mentioned there was a boyfriend in her mother’s life, but she couldn’t remember his face. The boyfriend, who also had a substance abuse problem, raped Marla saying “she owed money”. When Marla confronted her mother about the situation, her mother blamed everything on her. I then asked Marla, how did she cope with the sexual abuse, as well as her mother not believing her? Marla, explained, she learned to hide it from her friends, teachers, and mother, because she knew one day, she would be able to leave her home and make one of her own.Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay.

Did you ever get help for what you have been through in your childhood? Marla began to cry, and stated “I actually have never thought, about it until now, but I hate even thinking about it” Do you communicate with you mother still? Marla became anxious and stated “I would never want to talk to her again in my life, she was never a mother, and especially a woman” Do you blame her for what happened? “I blame her, for not believing in her daughter, but allowed it to happen, and hated everything about me” Did you have any friends to talk to about what was going on?

Marla explained that she thought, she was not worthy enough to have friends, so she kept to herself. She never attended any social gatherings, and spent most of her childhood in her backyard, away from her “yelling mother” What lead you to choose your profession? Marla, explained, that math has always been her favorite subject, and right after high school she began working as a teller at a local bank, and was promoted to an account position. How often do you work? Marla, explained, her job is very demanding, works more than 50 hours a week, and results in her being only committed to the bank.

Are you happy being an accountant? Marla began to look around the room, fidgeting with her fingers, and stated “it keeps me busy from thinking about everything else, and a good paycheck so she never owes anyone money. I then asked: Do you have any close relationships with family or friends? She laughed, and began telling me, I was not listening, her life was full of nothing, and love is nonexistent to her, only money, hard work as an accountant, and a horrible childhood, in which, she feels better alone, and away from relationships.

The information provided by Marla, during the assessment, allows me to understand that her childhood experiences, centered on, lack of nurturing by her mother, extreme verbal abuse, and sexual abuse by a man in her mother’s life, in which she cannot remember. Marla, has never had any close relationships with any family, or friends, and denies even wanting to acknowledge her mother. Marla works extremely hard at work, giving more than 50 hours a week, and appears to spend all of her free time alone, at home.Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay.

She expressed, that she feels better when she is alone, and has learned to forget all occurrences in her childhood, until being asked. The critical information about her background will be extremely helpful for a proper diagnosis, of what Marla is experiencing. Marla has post traumatic disorder; it is known to happen when a traumatic event occurs in individuals’ life. The psychodynamic model encompasses the very experience Marla described, in which, her “behavior is determined largely by underlying psychological forces of which she is not consciously aware” (Comer, 2012).Psychological Disorder Analysis Essay.

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