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Program: ASCII art (Python 3)


Hi, Please I need help with these questions. I tried many times but codes are wrong. ATTACHMENT PREVIEW Download attachment



1.15 Program: ASCII art (Python 3) This zyLab activity is the traditional programming assignment, typically requiring a few hours over a week The previous sections provide warm up
exercises intended to help a student prepare for this programming assignment. (1 ) Output this tree. (Submit for 2 points). :-
wwwwwww ill- (2) Below the tree (with two blank lines), output this cat. (Submit for 3 points, so 5 points total}. 2"\ i\ Hint: A backslash \ in a string acts as an escape character, such as with a neMine \n. So, to print an actual backslash, escape mat backslash by
prepending another backslash. Ex: The following prints a single backslash: print ( ‘ \ \ ‘ J

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