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profit or loss from the show

When a popular playwright opened a new​ play, he had to decide whether to open the show on Broadway or off Broadway. For​ example, he decided to open his last play off Broadway. From information provided from his​ producer, the following equations were​ developed:

43,200x-y= 1,291,000

27,000x-y= 380,000

where x represents the number of weeks that the show ran and y represents the profit or loss from the show. The first equation is for​ Broadway, and the second equation is for off Broadway. Complete parts​ (a) and​ (b) below.

​(a) Solve this system of equations to determine when the profit or loss from the show will be equal for each venue. What is the amount of that profit or​ loss?

The profit or loss will be equal for each venue after about ____ weeks.

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