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Principles of Corporate Finance 10th Edition

Principles of Corporate Finance
Tenth Edition
Navigating the Workbook
Entering your information
Entering data
Navigating the Workbook
Each chapter of the spreadsheets to accompany Principles of Corporate Finance 
contains links to help you navigate the workbook.  These hyperlinks help you 
move around the workbook quickly.  The Main Menu contains links to each 
problem from the chapter that contains the Excel icon.  From the Main Menu, 
click on the question you wish to complete.  You can always return to the main 
menu by clicking on the link located in the upper right corner of each worksheet.  
You can move quickly around an Excel workbook by selecting the worksheet tab 
at the bottom of the screen.  Each worksheet in an Excel workbook will have its own
tab.  In the spreadsheets to accompany Principles of Corporate Finance, you will
see a separate tab for each problem, along with the Main Menu, Instructions and
Help Topics worksheets.
Another way to move quickly around an Excel workbook is by using the following 
keyboard shortcuts: 
CTRL+PAGE DOWN: Moves you to the next sheet in the workbook. 
CTRL+PAGE UP: Moves you to the previous sheet in the workbook. 
Entering your information
For each question, you will see the following lists and boxes:
Student Name:   
Course Name:   
Student ID:   
Course Number:   
Enter your information in these cells before submitting your work.
Entering data
To enter numbers or text for these questions, click the cell you want, type the data and 
press ENTER or TAB.  Press ENTER to move down the column or TAB to move across the row.  
For cells or columns where you want to enter text, select “Format,” and then “Cells” from 
Excel’s main menu at the top of your screen.  Select the “Number” tab and then “Text” 
from the category list.
To print your work, select “File,” and then “Print Preview” from Excel’s main menu at the top 
of your screen.  The print area for each question has been set, but be sure to review 
the look of your print job.  If you need to make any changes, select “Setup” when
you are previewing the document. 
There are two sources of help throughout these spreadsheet templates.   First, you will find comments
in specific cells (highlighted in red) providing tips to what formula or function is needed to complete 
the problem.  Second, you will find links to Microsoft Office’s online help page when an Excel Function 
is needed to complete the problem.
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