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Milestone One Guidelines and Rubric document.

IT 100 Final Project Scenario You have graduated from SNHU and are now employed as a business analyst by Business Consultants (BC), a business consulting firm. As a business analyst, you are responsible for analyzing businesses to determine how your firm can help them meet their sales goals. Your first business to analyze is New Hampshire Business Products (NHBP). NHBP is a small company operating as a sole proprietorship desiring to expand its geographical reach. The products sold by NHBP fall into three categories: office supplies, office equipment, and printing services. NHBP has been in business since 2005 and operates one brick-and-mortar location selling various products and services. The company operates a retail store from its one physical location and offers services to customers in its current geographical area via a catalog published semi-annually. Customers using the catalog call their orders in to the retail location by phone, and the company delivers completed orders via delivery truck and third-party carriers such as United Parcel Service (UPS). NHBP has concluded that its one retail outlet and its current catalog business have reached their maximum potential and is seeking a means to expand sales as well as geographical reach. NHBP has also concluded that adding internet sales is the best option to expand both sales and geographical reach. BC has been hired to evaluate current operations and suggest paths that will satisfy the sales goals set by NHBP. In your capacity as a business analyst for BC, you have met with the management team at NHBP and made an initial review of the current business operations. Your notes of the review show the following:  The total current sales (2016) are $500,000, divided into the following categories: o Office supplies: $150,000 o Office equipment: $300,000 o Printing: $50,000  The company desires to increase sales by 20% per year in each category for the next five years.  NHBP thinks that online sales will result in reaching its intended sales goals over the next five years.  The company is currently unsure how to implement online sales and is seeking guidance in developing a website as well as the mechanics of online marketing and fulfilling online orders.

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