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Medical Billing and Coding Paper

Medical Billing and Coding Paper


To: JTalbot45@yahoo. com Subject: Meeting on July 27, 2009 Dear Joceyln Talbot, Mr. Bradshaw has asked to set up a meeting for next Wednesday the 27th of July at 2:00 pm. He would like to meet you at King Charles Hotel on River Street. The address is 345 River Street Franklin, Va 23673; if you need to put the address into your GPS. Inside the hotel there is a restaurant called Nomi’s that’s where the meeting will be held. Along with Mr. Bradshaw he is bringing the assistant manager, Rory Webster. This meeting is being held so you can share your ideas about the Tower Project.Medical Billing and Coding Paper


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I recommend you bring either a tape recorder or a pen and a notepad since you will need to remember some of the ideas. Please call if you cannot come to the meeting or you need to reschedule. Sincerely, Stephanie Persico perstep@lala. com (326)448-9327 To: IT DepartmentDate:September 20, 2010 From:Stephanie Persico Subject: Departmental training seminar There will be a one-day training seminar for the IT Department on October 2, 2010. It will be held in the dual conference room at the Gaylord Convention Center in Maryland. The address is 123 Harbor Blvd.Medical Billing and Coding Paper


National Harbor, MD 12345 if you need to get directions. Dr. Melanie Dobler will be the guest speaker. The seminar will be held in the Deluxe Convention Room on the first floor. We expect around 150 to 160 people so that room is definitely big enough. Christina Smith said that she can loan us a computer and screen for a PowerPoint presentation. PartyCity Inc. has also loaned tables and chairs for the seminar. We are in need for someone to make photocopies of materials before the seminar so we can send them out so everyone is prepared for the seminar.Medical Billing and Coding Paper

We also need someone to help with snacks for the two breaks between the two major parts of the seminar. The schedule looks like this so far: 9:00 am—Sign in/Hand out materials if you didn’t get it in the mail 10:00 am—Begin seminar/Seating 10:15 am—Dr. Melanie Dobler Speech 10:45 am—Break 11:00 am—IT Training 12:30 pm—Lunch (casual) 1:30pm—Question and Answer 2:30 pm—Ask Dr. Dobler Question/Answer 3:00pm—Seminar is done If you have any questions or comments or if you can lend us things that you think we need please call me at extension 1235.

Please reserve your seat by September 30, 2010. There is a reservation sheet on my door just sign your name in one of the boxes. SMP 5490 King’s Hill Rd. Longwood, Virginia 29754 July 21, 2009 Mrs. Leah Certner Medi-Skill Incorporation 122 West Third Street Mayfield, NY 12117 Dear Mrs. Certner: I saw your help wanted ad for the Office Assistant in The Free Lance Star’s Sunday’s newspaper. Please consider me for the position. I went to Brooke Point High School and graduated Class of 2003; I received a degree in Advanced Studies.

I am close to graduating with a Certification in Medical Billing and Coding from Penn Foster Online College. Within this certification there is strong education in Business Administration. I have taken extra classes including typing courses and Business writing. As soon as I am done getting my certification I plan on going onto my Associate’s degree in Business Administration. Since starting my classes I have started a new job with Stafford County Sheriff’s Office doing data entry and administrative duties.Medical Billing and Coding Paper

My duties include receiving deputy reports and inputting the reports into the County system, putting traffic tickets into the County system, answering the phones and helping the public. I can type 55 words per minute and have the responsibility of handling the Sheriff’s correspondence on a daily basis. I am looking to change jobs because I want to do more administrative work and grow then what my current job can offer. With my experience and training I know that I can bring a lot to your office. If you need to reach me to schedule an interview please call me at (234)877-5432. Sincerely, Stephanie Persico Enclosure: Resume`Medical Billing and Coding Paper

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