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intramural department

The intramural department at SNHU would like to begin keeping an inventory of students participating on an intramural sports team. Each student has a student ID number, which can be used to uniquely identify a student. For each student, the intramural department would also like to know the student’s name, age, gender, and which team they joined. There are multiple teams playing various sports; each sport will be assigned a unique sport ID and will include a short description of the sport, such as rugby, soccer, cricket, or basketball. Teams are reorganized and reformed every semester, and each team must come up with its own name. Semesters can be identified by their year and beginning month; thus, fall semester 2017 would be 201708, and winter 2016 would be 201601. Because a student can play on multiple teams, the student-to-team relationship is many-to-many. Please use a bridge table to link the relationship between these two tables.

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