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Internet Service Provider for Washington, DC

Internet Service Provider for Washington, DC

Newton Ad Agency want to expand its business and consider to add a new office at Washington, DC location where Company want to set up its network infrastructure. This office will consist of 50 employees. It is required to connect all offices including respective offices buildings through fiber, cable, and T1 internet service providers. Company also want to get live video teleconferencing calls support so that to connect with employees at the other sites and maintain information confidentiality while transferring data. Therefore, Newton Ad Agency can consider Verizon Solutions for its internet services because Verizon can assist Newton with its network set up requirements. Verizon has FiOS network technology that use 100% fiber optics to maintain high-bandwidth. FiOS Quantum Internet services start its speed at 50/50 Mbps that go up to 500/500 Mbps. Additionally, FiOS Internet Services consist of SpeedMatch which support equal upload and download speeds that Newton can utilize to connect within offices using LANs and WANs can support to connect with other sites, (“Verizon Solutions”).    

Comparison between Verizon and Comcast in regard to speed, security, and reliability

When compare Verizon and Comcast ISP for Washington DC then can say,

Verizon utilizecutting-edge software, security scans, and enhanced parental controls so that to ensure safe internet services that protect individual’s devices from viruses, spyware, and other kind internet based threats. While Comcast also use cutting-edge software, and security scans to protect individuals who connect with network and it has taken Norton Security Suite to support security services. Therefore, both companies have good security protocols. Verizon ensure to provide high-speed up to 500 mbps as compare to 150 mbps of Comcast. Both companies offer reliable services however, Verizon deliver high speed and performance that can allow Newton’s to support live video teleconferencing calls and employees can stream high-volume files from their devices with 99.9% network reliability. Additionally, Verizon offer customized internet services plans as per requirements that would allow Newton to save costing. Moreover, Verizon has 24/7 technical support by phone and online that ensure high-speed and maintain reliability with its clients. Therefore, Verizon is good internet service provider choice that would meet Newton’s business goals and objectives.  (“Comcast Xfinity vs Verizon Fios: A Thorough Comparison”). 

Hardware and Software Requirements

It requires to have hardware and software for network set up as follows, (“Cable Modem Info”):

  • Software: IPX protocol, Groupware, server machine to connect peer and server networks antivirus software, VPN connectivityconfiguration.
  • Hardware: Fibre Optic, routers, modems, wireless devices, DSL.   

Printer Configuration Recommendations

Printer configuration as follows, (“How to Install a Network Printer on Your Home or Office Network”):

  1. First, connect printer devices with network by using Cat 5 or 6 cable.
  2. Set IP addresses for each printer device
  3. Now, add printer device to each user computer
  4. Since, printer connected with IP addresses, now create a new port option
  5. Select Standard TCP/IP Port
  6. Install printer software and assign name to respective printer devices

Bandwidth and device for teleconferencing needs

Verizon will support almost 500 mbps connection means each of 50 employees can utilize 10 mbps at a same time. It is required to have some router boxes in which ten RJ-11 phone connectors and ten RJ-45 Ethernet connectors can help to connect with 50 computers. Apart from this, phone connector would also require for each ordinary phone that would support two lines of phone service so that to utilize VOIP services, (“Cable Modem Info”).


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