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Initial Site Planning

Initial Site Planning


It is important for all websites to have a focus on a product or service, even those websites dedicated to a small business—it helps your audience immediately identify what they came looking for. Keeping in mind the scenario as described above, identify the type of business that your “uncle” owns. Briefly describe the focus of the website. What type of business does your “uncle” own? (2–3 sentences)

Proper site planning is significant for the effectiveness of a business website. This initial site planning process is aimed at designing site for my uncle who owns sole proprietorship form of business. The business exclusively deal in retailing information technology devices such television sets, smart phones and electric devices such as electric cooker. The focus of the website is to expand the business by providing online retailing platform for customers to order for goods and services 24 hours in seven days a week. 


Once you determine whether you will be highlighting one or more products or services on your “uncle’s” website, you should also have a purpose in mind for highlighting these products/services. Why should visitors (and potential customers) care about these things? Why should a website be built for this business? (2–3 sentences)

The highlighted products are very crucial for households, small and medium businesses since information technology have begun to take a central place in the lives of the people in this era. Potential customers ought to care about the current trends and dynamics of business environments as well as how such technology affect their lives. The website will be used as the tool for reaching out to our customers and bringing the products to their doors as well as educating them on the use and importance to stay relevant.


Nearly every website is results-oriented. For example, does not want you to leave the site until after you have made a purchase. The same holds true here—what is the result, or the most compelling action, you want visitors to take after visiting your “uncle’s” website?

(2–3 sentences)

The website is designed such that upon visiting by potential customers, they don’t leave without making placing an order for some of the basic office and household items. It is designed in such a way as to inform, remind and persuade customers which leaves them with no option but to place an order for one or two items.


Most websites are created with a target demographic in mind—for example, sites that cover video game news typically include content for, and are designed to appeal to, young men in their late teens and early 20s. Provide a brief description of the target audience you have in mind for your uncle’s website. (1–2 sentences)

The website targets a variety of individuals and groups of individuals at low and middle income levels. The young generation e.g. youths is most targeted and small and medium business as due to the fact that information technology has revolutionized lifestyle and business operations. Lower level income households will now afford relatively cheap household equipment and free delivery.

4b. Sometimes you need to consider the geographical location of your target audience. For example, a website selling mountaineering or orienteering equipment is more likely to target their potential audience living in New England or the Rocky Mountain states. Is this an aspect of your audience you should consider as well? (At minimum, one sentence or less)

Geographical location matters in this website design. We are taking the business to our young generation, young businesses, and young people who mostly are found within colleges and their environments.

4c. Estimated typical number of visitors per month or year (approximate number):

Due to high population of college students in the New York City, we estimated that the number of visitors on my uncle’s website will be 1,000 per day which translates to 30,000 per month and 360,000 visitors per year at bare minimum.

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