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human behavior.

In this week’s module you explored how technology can be used to exert control over human behavior. Some of the resources dealt specifically with non-mechanical forms of technology such as policies, regulations, and techniques. These forms of control can be very subtle, yet they tend to be far more powerful than machine-based technology.

 For this week’s discussion, post a 2- to 3-paragraph analysis in which you select a non-mechanical technology, such as a policy, regulation, or technique, and analyze how it is used to control or govern human behavior. Support your argument with evidence from the learning resources, using appropriate APA standards. Be sure to address the following in your initial post:

  1. Describe the technology and how it is used to control human behavior.

What goals is the organization trying to achieve through the technology?

What behavior is the technology attempting to control or change? What is the ideal behavior the technology is trying to produce?

Are there any side effects for the technology?

Does it have a negative effect on people’s attitudes, motivations, or behavior?

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