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How Dickens Exposes awful Treatment of Children Essay.

How Dickens Exposes awful Treatment of Children Essay.


As a child Dickens suffered similar problems to Oliver when his father lost all their money meaning a young Dickens was sent off to the factory to work and provide for the rest of his family while his father was in debtors prison. It was these experiences that Dickens uses in his book to show the upper and middle classes (and anybody else who could read) what was happening right under their noses. Places where servants didn’t tend to your every need, where rats were fatter than the people living around them, places where crime was the only way that money could be easily gained to feed the starving bodies of children and adults alike.How Dickens Exposes awful Treatment of Children Essay.


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These were places that were ignored by people who were the ‘model of respectability. ‘ Nevertheless Charles Dickens brought it to light just how bad the gap had become, how people suffered and lived below the poverty line, he exposed the truth to many, by using his writing to express his feelings on the poor. Dickens helped to start a chain of events due to his gift for storytelling. Dickens shows in Oliver’s early years as a child how cruel the parish system is.How Dickens Exposes awful Treatment of Children Essay.


As a baby he is deprived of the bare minimum of food because Mrs Mann uses most of the care money on her own personal needs to make her life far more comfortable, although, she is very generous with punishments. Before he is taken away to the workhouse Mrs Mann blackmails Oliver into crying and saying that he will miss her. But nothing could have prepared him for the atrocities of the workhouse. Dickens clearly illustrates the appalling conditions in the workhouse especially the hard labour young children had to do.How Dickens Exposes awful Treatment of Children Essay.

He describes how families would be separated and then eventually starved to death whilst doing hard labouring jobs, an example being ‘the rule’ which allowed people to have the choice of slow starvation or a quick one. On pages 13-14 Dickens from the point of view of the board uses sarcasm to describe the changes made in the workhouse, ‘the board kindly undertook to divorce poor married people,’ turning once married men into bachelors. He describes the board as long-headed, very sage, deep, philosophical men, which adds a hint of humour to an otherwise outrageous description of the workhouse way of life.How Dickens Exposes awful Treatment of Children Essay.

Dickens wanted to shock people, by using a small nai?? ve boy as the main character, the audience following Oliver’s life could begin to see how poorly children were treated. Dickens is clever to use a book to put his own ideas into peoples’ heads. The general public then (and maybe now) didn’t want someone to tell them the answer they wanted to think they had thought of it. It would have taken much longer or maybe never for people to realise what was going on if a politician had said it or it was a newspaper article about real life.How Dickens Exposes awful Treatment of Children Essay.

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