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Health It Systems Essay Paper.

Health It Systems Essay Paper.


The implementation of online systems by organizations has fundamentally changed the method of transactions and issuing of services by institutions. These systems have revolutionized information systems as decisions are made from information analyzed from the system. The information systems have been utilized to enhance planning and control, it also aids in decision making. On the other hand, such systems require constant monitoring, to ensure that they are up to date and that they produce dependable results. This paper considers certain aspects of the clinical information system that is utilized by CEND to manage medical records of patients. The paper discusses aspects such as the network type used, the potential improvements that can be made, the health care provider as well as consumer needs that the system fulfills,Health It Systems Essay Paper.


Network type

The online medical record system is meant to ease on the time spent to physically locate a patient’s record. In order to utilize the system, one requires having a computer that has internet connectivity. Additionally the computer must be installed with a web browser such as Mozilla Firefox or even internet explorer. In order to access the system, one is required to log in using their special user name as well as their assigned password. Alternatively, on e could use the ‘I don’t need an account option’ to access the system. At the initial access, the system prompts the user to enter their details which are automatically saved by the system. For other third parties to access a particular patient’s records, they will have to be registered as the patient’s personal doctor or even the patient’s next of kin as recognized by the system. The will be allowed by the system to access the specific patient’s record.Health It Systems Essay Paper.

Potential system Improvements

and the outcomes of an individual’s health. The system would be required to measure the individual’s health status (Smith, Mossialos & Papanicolas, 2008). This would be by an analysis from a questionnaire of the patient’s ailments such as Parkinson’s disease questionnaire. The system could also be improved by the integration of a video conferencing facility that would allow for the one on one interaction between a patient and their doctors. Additionally a tab for setting appointments with the doctors could be included. A ‘doctors available tab’ could be included that is specially set aside for doctors and their availability. This would give the patients a quick appointment schedule and ease the availability of seeing a doctor.Health It Systems Essay Paper.

Health care provider/ consumer needs

The system comprises tabs that require the client (healthcare provider or the consumer) to enter their personal information, emergency contact, insurance details, primary physician details, medical problems, medical history as well as allergies, family history and the social history of the patient. These details are used to make a summary of a patient’s health history that can be used by the physician to handle the patient better.

Future Improvements

In order to further improve the workability and efficiency of the system, improving the interface design and making it more user friendly by using icons that are more interactive than the radio buttons and the list boxes. The inclusion of direct calls to the physicians from the system could also be included to enhance the interactions between the clients and the physicians that are involved. To promote user confidence in the system, a confirmation box on whether the consumer’s information may be used in conducting demographic studies should be included.Health It Systems Essay Paper.

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