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Health Facilities Management Essay.

Health Facilities Management Essay.


Carpenter, Dave. “GREENING UP.” Health Facilities Management 21.7 (July 2008): 15-21. GreenFILE. EBSCO. 1 June 2009 <>.

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Health Facilities Management Essay.



EBSCOhost is a website that offers academic databases and access to journals or books to students and instructors. To be able to obtain access to the sources, one must have subscription services, which is usually provided by the school. Several databases can be searched through including psychology, health care, and business. A search is done by typing in keywords related to the topic. Overall, using the website to retrieve peer-reviewed journals is easy.

Subscription to online databases like EBSCOhost is essential for schools, especially for students. Aside from the library, this is the place where they can obtain scholarly and trusted sources for their academic use. EBSCOhost also offers up-to-date journals in a variety of subjects for those who need them. Because students nowadays are very much technologically advanced, online databases are helpful, as people find going to the library more time-consuming. With databases like these, they would not have any reason to not be able to find and retrieve scholarly journals and sources.Health Facilities Management Essay.

The article Greening Up by Dave Carpenter talks about the efforts of some hospitals to go “green” or environment friendly. He states that the field of health care is behind other industries when it comes to being environmental friendly. One of the seen causes is the cost of undergoing the changes needed to become “green.” “Money is at the root of most of the five biggest challenges or barriers to environmentally friendly practices cited by survey respondents: higher initial cost over traditional materials and systems (73%), competing investment and spending priorities (72%), a perceived lack of immediate return on investment (47%) and lack of information or evidence on the benefits of green construction (28%)” (Carpenter, 2008, p.17). However, these organizations do not realize how much money they will be able to save in costs and maintenance of facilities and buildings when they go “green.” There is also evidence that “environmentally friendly designs lead to better patient outcomes and shorter stays” (Carpenter, 2008, p.17). The author then concludes by recommending that hospitals take little steps in changing their systems and facilities. This would cost them little and at the same time, achieve the goal of being environment friendly.Health Facilities Management Essay.

Personally, I think that the message that the author is trying to say here is significant. The world is clearly experiencing the effects of environmental changes brought about by pollution and the use and abuse of the natural resources. It is evident that people practice being “green” to help improve the state of the environment. The health care industry should try its best to make sure that it is environmentally friendly not only to help save the environment but also to be able to contribute to the wellness of the public. This journal should be read by health care professionals and the administrators of hospitals for them to be able to realize the importance of going “green.”Health Facilities Management Essay.

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