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Continuing Education Plans Essay.

Continuing Education Plans Essay.


Continuing education programs are adult programs done mostly at the workplace or at an educational institution by workers who want to sharpen their skills in a particular field (Liebler & McConnell, 2004). Any worker can enrol to these programs, and they do not have to be college graduates. These programs can also be taken in form of seminars and trainings, and not necessarily in a classroom. Trainings of this kind are meant to assist workers to improve their work performance (Liebler & McConnell, 2004). Seminars usually provide further knowledge to the trainees, whereas trainings provide education on how to conduct various work activities. This improves marketability of individuals since the new skills they acquire make them more useful to their employers (Green & Bowie, 2010). Better pay could also result from these added skills, as well as promotions to higher positions in the workplace. This paper will focus on a health worker who wants to develop life-long HIM skills.Continuing Education Plans Essay.


One of the most common forms of continuing educational programs is Health Information Management (HIM) training. This is mainly done through HIM conferences, seminars, and consultant meetings. Moreover, HIM is one of the health-related occupations whereby direct hands-on patient care is not necessary (Liebler & McConnell, 2004).
Being that I want to climb the management ladder, there is need to improve on my lifelong HIM skills. I am interested in starting off as a HIM technician. HIM technicians are responsible for assembling patient health information (PHI) which includes treatment methods, diagnostic tests, examination results, symptoms, and medical history. The technicians are also responsible for organizing and managing health information while ensuring security, accessibility, accuracy, and quality (Liebler & McConnell, 2004). Moreover, they are also in more communication with clinicians and other healthcare personnel.
There has been augmented utilization of electronic health records (EHR), and gaining proficiency in this field will definitely broaden my job responsibilities once I become a HIM technician. I therefore plan on familiarizing myself with EHR computer softwares, ensuring EHR security, and interpreting electronic data properly (Green & Bowie, 2010). As a HIM technician, I will be required to use EHR software to retain information on patient safety, disease patterns, disease treatment, and the outcome. I will also aim to provide assistance with improving the usability of EHR softwares, which may possibly contribute to the maintenance and progress of health information networks (Liebler & McConnell, 2004).Continuing Education Plans Essay.
Once I am through with the basic HIM training, I plan on enrolling in a more specialized program, such as coding or cancer registry. I also want to obtain a master’s degree that will assist me in advancing to the post of Health Information Manager, either in a healthcare facility, Health Insurance Company or in a Federal Government agency.Continuing Education Plans Essay.

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