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Business Consultants (BC)

I am a bit lost on how to figure out this assignment. I need to compose a paragraph on this topic:

I need to pretend that I am a consultant for an Educational Institution then :

  • Determine the business’s software needs and explain how you would determine the correct computer components, identifying the considerations that served as the basis your selections.

For example, if you were going to use software that requires high-end graphics or video, what would the critical computer components be to support that activity? The RAM requirements of both your operating system and the programs you use are an important consideration to include. Understanding your software and application needs will help you in the selection of the memory. 

I know that the security is a major concern considering the amount of sensitive information an educational institution gathers on their students. I also think that students and faculty need an intranet to connect them but I am not sure what the “software requirements” are and I need clarification. We have a larger assignment due soon and I want to make sure I am grasping the lesson.

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