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HI Again,

I have attached the rubric to display the requirements for this assignment.

Thank You for all of your help.

  • You work in a medium-sized organization (200-300 people). You head a team that has been tasked with creating a training program for all employees on the usage of a new company-wide email program. As happens in most companies, some of your end users are very technically advanced, while others possess very basic computer skills. 
  • Create two flowcharts that describe the steps in the training process. The first flowchart should describe the step-by-step process that users with basic skills should go through in order to learn the software program—what they should learn first, what they should learn second, and so on. The second flowchart should do the same in regard to more advanced users. At the end, include a brief memo discussing the difference in the steps to be applied to the two groups. 
  • For additional details, please refer to the Written Assignments Rubric document in the Assignment Guidelines and Rubrics section of the course.
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