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answer a discussion board 100 words and assignment 300 words

No title page or reference page needed. for question 1


Surveys try to measure opinions about populations relating to political beliefs, religious views, diet and exercise, and all manner of lifestyle choices.

For this week’s discussion, search for an online poll. If you don’t have a polling source in mind, you can explore the Pew Research Center, any news source, or Share the data revealed by your chosen poll, and draw three conclusions to explain the poll’s results. When drawing conclusions, consider what the poll measures, what big the sample size was, or how trustworthy the results are. Try to use the textbook to look for ways to assess the results.

Title page and reference page ARE needed for question two

2. Milestone Three – Presentation Analysis ASSIGNMENT

Using feedback from your instructor, briefly describe your topic and data set. Then write a 300-word analysis of this data and how it might help your hypothetical workplace. Try to incorporate concepts from the course in your analysis. Use citations in APA style where appropriate.

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