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An electronics company produces transistors, resistors, and computer chips.

An electronics company produces transistors, resistors, and computer chips. Each transistor requires 3 units of copper, 2 units of zinc, and 1 unit of glass. Each resistor requires 3, 2, and 1 units of the three materials, and each computer chip requires 2, 1, and 2 units of these materials, respectively. How many of each product can be made with the following amounts of materials?

a.) 3160 units of copper

b.) 1530 units of zinc 

c.) and 2085 units of glass

Solve this exercise by using the inverse of the coefficient matrix to solve a system of equations. 

**Note** I have a matrix calculator app on my phone. I simply need to know how to setup the matrices and which method I need to use to solve. Free free to hand solve the problem as well 

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