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account balance

I am trying to get my script to print like this:What would you like to do?

How much would you like to deposit today?

Deposit was $200, current balance is $700.25

but i keep getting an error with my script?import sys

#account balance 

account_balance = float(500.25)

#defines balance

def acc_balance():

#print the beggining balance amount

 print(“Your current balance:n$%.2f”%account_balance)

 return account_balance

#defines deposit

#def deposit_amount():

  #req user to input amt of depsit

userchoice = input(“What would you like to do?n”)      

if userchoice == ‘B’:

  print(“Your current balance:”)

  print (account_balance)

  account_balance = “nBegining Balance: “+str(account_balance)

elif userchoice ==’D’:

 deposit_amount=float(input(“How much would you like to deposit today?n”))

 account_balance = “Deposit Amount: “+str(deposit_amount)

print(“Deposit amount was $%.2f, current balance is $%.2f”%(deposit_amount)

#print(“Your current balance: n%.2f” % account_balance)– if i allow this to run in the script i get File “”, line 22

print(“Your current balance: n%.2f” % account_balance)


SyntaxError: invalid syntax– i have been trying for hours to get this to work but obviously i am missing something. H E L P please

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