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this discussion board in leading people at work

This Discussion Board (DB) post is based on leadership. You will be asked to post under the following constraints:

(1) a post is limited to 100 words (try to be brief); (2) a student will post an original response; and (3) a student must respond to 2 different (only 2) student posts (100 word limit/post). I will grade based first on meeting the 3 post-requirement, then quality and integration with other student posts. Integration means building on another post, or constructively agreeing/disagreeing with another post. As a prompt for posting: Pick one of the 5 Leadership Myths Robbins discusses (p. 93-96) and agree or disagree with what Robbins is saying and briefly explain why, e.g., men make better leaders than women; successful leaders have common traits; leadership always matters.

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