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religious diversity

Based on our readings and your personal experiences, describe a best practice for managing religious diversity in the workplace. Do you believe that this should be a protected characteristic? Provide research, facts, and examples to back up your views.

300 words is good.

This is an interesting article that highlights the social classes and economic gap through pictures and statistics.

  • Barone, E. (2014). III. Who we are. Time, 184(9/10), 53-58.

This article provides the financial benefits to companies for hiring veterans.

This article focuses on what state governments are doing to partner with their local veterans. The benefits veterans bring to a company are also highlighted.

This article provides us a look into an employee’s needs in regards to religion. You will be interested to see the research and associated findings on this subject.

This article takes a look at corporate images versus religious rights of employees. You’ll also be introduced to many excellent case studies that reinforce your learning.

This article does a great job of connecting economic status to its impact on the workforce. You will specifically be shown trends and many supporting statistics.

Watch Video Simon Sinek: Why good leaders make you feel safe

User: TED – Added: 5/19/14

YouTube URL:

Watch Video Religion in the Workplace

User: n/a – Added: 11/17/08

YouTube URL:

Our military service members have much to offer the civilian sector. This video provides you a great perspective of leadership and how business can learn from our military. As you will see in this video, religion is a very emotional subject. This video will show some emotion, but also provide you good, objective concepts regarding how religion fits into our workplace today.

Watch Video Richard Wolff on Economic Inequality

User: Workplace Democracy – Added: 8/24/14

YouTube URL:

Watch Video Are the Rich Getting Too Much of the Economic Pie?

User: The Atlantic – Added: 8/19/13

YouTube URL:

An interesting video regarding economic inequality. Ignoring the political focus, consider how the economic status of employees impacts our workplace. Another economic perspective. This video will highlight the economic gap in America, and ask; Does it matter?

Watch Video Social Classes in the United States

User: Brandi Mary – Added: 12/9/14

YouTube URL:

This video will provide a description of the 5 social classes in America today.
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