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reflation on a video and 3 pdf about job interview

Please watch a 20 mins long video and 3 short pdf, then write a reflation about them. Just pretend to be a student who is learning this, and make sure your answer can hit the content on the video and pdf, especially video. The purpose of this assignment is to show that I totally understand the content. About 400 words.


  • “What did you learn about interviewing that you didn’t know before? How will you prepare for future interviews?”
  • “How will you dress for an interview in your preferred industry? (Please list the industry as well.)” note: My preferred job is marketing related position in an auto company(Mercedes, etc.) , but any other industry that can offers me a position of marketing related job will also works.
  • “What questions do you have about interviews? Would you like any additional information?”

here’s the link of the video…

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