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real quick and easy art photography assignment

One object – many ways

o Choose four objects to photograph for this challenge

o For each, take 5-9 photos that showcase it from different angles and perspectives

o Think about your light – set it up in a nice location, with good light (natural – eg. Near window – is nice)

o Edit in your phone app (now that you know about all the sliders (exposure, highlights, shadows, vibrancy, etc) no filters please). Up to you if you want black and white or color, or a mix.

o Put in grid: Use (Click on Photo Collage > Photo Grid >choose your grid and upload your photos. You may use another app to put your pictures in a grid.

The objects you choose to photograph are inertly up to you, but please make sure they are appropriate for a school setting. Bibles and crosses are fine tho. Please I beg you, use your discretion


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