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powerpoint and outline

Annotated bibliography, text analysis, discipline awareness paper will be provided.

An outline is needed, samples will be attached.

Sample presentations will be attached.

Prepare a 5-7 minute presentation for a general audience on your research. Your presentation (with brief power point—5-7 slides) should include the following:

  1. To begin: Your name, your major, your research topic and initial questions.
  2. Comment on the research process and most helpful source(s), including things you learned from the DAP and TA assignments about how research is done in your field.
  3. Summarize your findings and new or remaining questions for further research.
  4. Comment on the significance of this research to a general audience and/or

Talk about how you got interested in this topic and why research on this topic is important in your field. Make sure that you define any terms related to your topic that may not be familiar to a general audience.

contrast your research with popular media coverage of the topic.

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