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please answer the following questions for me

Learning Activity regarding Nursing: The Scope and Standards of Practice

Using your book please answer the following questions.You may use the words in the book with references included, but I believe you demonstrate understanding by explaining in your own words-this is a learning experience and it is helpful to know what you think these things mean so we can be sure you do understand what it means!

I know you are using your book, but please be sure to include the reference in APA format at the bottom of the page-thanks!

  • What is the definition of Nursing?
  • Using the glossary in the book define the following and then describe it in your own words
  • Why do we have the Professional Nursing’s Scope and Standards of Practice? (pp xi, 1, & podcast)
  • Development of Standards: The Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice describe what?
  • What is the difference between Scope of Practice and individual state Nurse Practice Acts?
  • The Standards of practice mention the nursing process.How does it describe the Nursing Process? (p 4)
  • List the 6 Standards of Practice
  • List the 11 Standards of Professional Performance
  • We will look at competencies next week, but why do they accompany the standards?
  • What are the 5 tenets of Nursing Practice?
  • What is the definition of the “how” of nursing?
  • Read the section on integrating the Art and Science of Nursing (pp 6-13) and answer the following questions with what you think these mean-we will discuss in class-I do not expect deep detail, just a starting place for discussion
  • Scope of nursing practice
  • Standards of practice
  • Standards of Professional nursing practice
  • What does the scope describe?
  • What do the standards describe?
  • What is healthcare consumer-centered practice?
  • What is evidence based practice?
  • What is interprofessional collaboration?
  • What is use of informatics?
  • What is continuous quality improvement?
  • How would you describe the art of nursing versus the science of nursing?Give me what you think is one example of each
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