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lean six sigma 19

Kanban Case Study Reflection Paper

Download and read the article case study written by Persona & Battini (2008). The article describes a Kanban implementation within a hospital system.

Write a reflection paper on this article. Make sure your discussion touches on the following points:

  • Describe the functions / process the hospital wanted to improve.
  • • Describe their supply chain. How was product ordered and delivered previously? What challenges with replenishment that had to be overcome?
  • • How did the engineers decide where to focus their efforts and calibrate their Kanban system? How did they prioritize?
  • • Describe the new system and how it was implemented.
  • • How did the engineers evaluate their gains with new system?
  • • What were their gains? And what controls did they put in place to make sure those gains could be maintained?
  • • How can the lessons learned in this hospital be applied to a manufacturing setting?
  • • What, if anything would you have done differently?
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