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identify the professional code of ethics for your professional specialty or a specialty that you are interested in describe the decision criteria and analyze each theory using examples and the ethical theory matrix template 1


Drawing from the material covered in the resources as well as your own research, complete this assessment using

the Ethical Theory Matrix Template [DOC].

For each theory, first describe the decision criteria. The decision criteria are the instructions the theory gives

for how to reach the morally correct choice in a situation that requires action.

Then, provide your own example of how someone might act using the decision criteria of the theory.

Finally, briefly describe the strengths and weaknesses of each theory using the last two columns of the Ethical

Theory Matrix Template.

The suggested resources for this assessment could help you get a start on completing the matrix, but do not

hesitate to use any outside resources that you can find online, the Capella library, or elsewhere.

This matrix is a tool you will use throughout the rest of the course. Submit your completed matrix as an attachment

to this assessment.

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