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i just need to compare between two countries and how politics and ewconomics play in both when i talk about both and compare them accordingly 1

read the instructions carefully and write minimum 900 words

no plagiarism!

I have attached the activity 2 required document and I focused on this country (Equatorial Guinea) but the site in the document won’t show Equatorial Guinea, so you may choose any other country by choice and compare it with the United States as requested.

This assignment is graded for completion, not content. To receive the full 20 points, please answer the prompt. Your answer should be at least 1 page in length and uploaded as a .doc or as a text entry.

Picking either (1) Universal Basic Income (UBI) or (2) the co-operative model of workplace ownership and management (Co-op), please respond to the following.

Do you support the idea or model? Why or why not? What do you see as the potential benefits of the model? What do you see as the potential costs or harms associated with the model? How, if at all, can these be overcome? Can the model be scaled-up to the national/international level or is it only effective in smaller scales? Explain. Is there an alternative model that you would propose to deal with human needs, development/production, or inequality?

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