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genre analysis of a news article

Do a Genre Analysis (SLR) to determine the standard conventions of the news article

It have to be 2-3 pages. Heres the news article you need to use:

You should only use this one news article and nothing else.

Questions to answer, in paragraph format, in your analysis:

  1. Genre Structure (Format and Organization): Describe the format, structure, and organization of the ideas of your sample news article. Be sure to be detailed enough so that someone who has never written a news article before would be able to duplicate the format correctly.
    • What is the title and how does it grab the readers’ attention? How could you achieve the same effect in your news article?
    • Read the first sentence of the article and notice the Who, what, when, where, why format; how can you duplicate this?
    • What order is the information presented in? What conclusions can we come to based on the organization of the article?
    • What does the format look like: Where is the title and what size is the font compared to the rest of the text? Where are the names of the authors and what size front are the names in compared to the rest of the text? Where is the name of the News Organization publishing the article? Where are the page numbers (if any) located? How is color used in the font and background of the text?
    • Are there illustrations, graphics, charts, photos, etc? What purposes do any illustrations or graphics serve?
    • Describe any other interesting features of the format.
  2. Genre Language (Style and Word Choice): In a paragraph, how would you describe the language the author chooses to use in your news article?
    • What is the tone?
    • Does the voice seem active (using lots of strong verbs), or is the voice more passive (often using the verbs: is, are, was, were, be, being, have, has, had)?
    • Do you see the author using I, or do they speak in the third-person voice?
    • What are any words or phrases that seem to be specialized language in this professional field?
  3. Genre Reference (Citation and Documentation):
    • Even though formal references are not required for a news article, examine how journalists introduce sources, establish the credibility of sources, introduce quotes, and use evidence to support their story.
    • What types of evidence do you see used, for example, quotes from experts, specific examples, raw data, first-hand accounts, research studies, images, referencing other documents, statistics, etc.?
    • How are the authors of any images, photos, videos, or visuals, given credit for their work?
  4. Now, include the MLA work cited for the news article that you analyzed.
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