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competitive landscape map and your blue ocean value curve 1

this is a two-part Team Assignment. For this task your Team must research, list, and briefly describe the potential competition to your planned business. First, map your proposed business and your competitors in a four-square box, showing how you compare on 2 selected criteria. Secondly, using the Blue Ocean Strategy analysis, map the primary features and benefits of the competitors to your business. Draw the Blue Ocean Value Curve, comparing at least one or two competing firms to yours.

Step 1. List a minimum of 3 existing firms who might be competitors to your business idea (you may have 5, 6, or more). Briefly describe those firms, and their potential “features” or competitive advantages. Pick one of those firms you consider to be the biggest challenger to use in your Blue Ocean analysis.

Step 2. Draw a Competitive Landscape Map, using a four-square box showing your business in comparison to the 3 competitors you have identified. Next, draw a Blue Ocean Value Curve, comparing at least one other firm to your proposed business.

I have Business Idea and what I have done so far attched bellow

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