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circles of sexuality

  • Write a personal essay about your own life experiences with five sections that relate to each of the five “Circles of Sexuality”
  • Identify each of the five Circles you address using a heading according to APA at the top of each section. Headings and sub-headings help ensure I know which part of the rubric you are addressing in a particular section. I won’t hunt for information.
  • For each Circle, pick two of the sub-constructs for that Circle and discuss your personal sexual development in that specific area. For example, pick a life experience that relates to a specific Circle and apply the model.
  • Must include an introduction and conclusion
  • Each Circle section should be 1– 2pages, for a completed essay of 6-11 pages
  • (double spaced) (including introduction and conclusion)

  • It’s OK to go a bit longer than required, but don’t go shorter.
  • White paper, typed double spaced in 12-pt. Times Roman font. 1” margins.
  • Edit and proofread, as errors will affect your grade
  • Follow APA guidelines
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