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can you help be with writing the method section of my study on what effect self talk has on the 20 meter pacer test



analyses and data collection

that what i have done so far


The purpose of this study examined the effect of self-talk on endurance performance through a 20-meter pacer test. Twenty healthy participants whose age between 18 -30 were recruited for the study. The Participants recruited from FDU University student and population as well as families and friends who meet the criteria. Before the start of testing, participants completed a Par-Q and You Health Questionnaire form to ensure pre-participation screening and assess any possible risk factors for exercise training. Only healthy subjects were recruited for participation in this study. Subjects were deemed healthy if there were no risk factors for cardiovascular disease present or reported. All participants who volunteered to be a part of the study signed an informed consent form, which was approved by the Institutional Review Board of the university. Data were collected in Wightman gym at FDU University. A 20-meter pacer test was also conducted in FDU gym.

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