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700 1000 word about violence in india against muslim people

I want this organization


A good title quickly communicates the contents of the white paper in a memorable way.

Executive Summary

This section is often one to two paragraphs long; it includes an overview of the problem, why current approaches need to be changed, and the proposed policy action.


This section provides the background information required for the audience to grasp the problem and, ultimately, the solution. The content may be detailed and technical or broad and high-level. The content depends on the reader and the problem.

Policy Alternatives & Recommendation

This section discusses current policy approaches and why they are inadequate to solve the problem; once these alternatives have been examined, then the policy solution being recommended by the white paper is presented and defended.


This section summarizes the white paper’s major findings, including its policy recommendations.


All sources used to develop the white paper must be collected and cited in this section. It adds validity to the document. It also gives the reader content for further research.

Online Resources for Researching Human Rights

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